Assisted Living Benefits for Veterans

Many veterans do not take full advantage of the benefits available to them. The paperwork can be intimidating, but Senior Veterans Care is here to help you understand the programs for which you may qualify. Home care and assisted living services can make a big difference in your quality of life, especially as mobility issues arise. Without appropriate care, you run the risk of falls and other injuries that can lead to long-term medical complications. Choosing an appropriate level of daily assistance can help prevent these kinds of injuries. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes also have medical staff available at all hours, just in case. As a veteran, you have done what you could for America. Let us return the favor.

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living is long-term help for seniors who are able to live independently, even though they require some assistance. If mobility issues simply make it difficult to shower or dress, there is no need to consider more inclusive services such as nursing home care. Assisted living empowers seniors to enjoy their golden years, providing just the level of support and help that's needed. Seniors who are healthy enough to continue living in their own homes may prefer to use home care services, but assisted living communities allow for a higher degree of supervision and socialization.

Use Aid & Attendance Benefits to Pay for Assisted Living

If it's time to consider a nursing home or assisted living facility, the VA Aid & Attendance benefit can help cover the cost. War time Veterans and surviving spouses are both eligible for this help. Contact our team of VA-accredited agents, and we will help walk you through the process of applying for benefits. You will be regularly updated as the application and approval process moves forward. There is no cost or obligation for your initial review.

VA Assisted Living Benefits: Monthly-Yearly

  • Surviving Spouse: $1,153 $13,836
  • Single Veteran: $1,794 $21,528
  • Married Veteran: $2,127 $25,524

How Can Senior Veterans Care Help You?

As part of our mission, Senior Veterans is happy to help you understand and take advantage of your benefits as a veteran or surviving spouse. We can help you collect all the necessary information to apply for benefits, and we can help you evaluate how much you should be eligible to receive. As pro-bono work, our staff can even review and submit your VA application, providing you with updates throughout the approval process. If you need help selecting an appropriate assisted living facility, then we also have recommendations.

In addition to paying for assisted living facilities, a wide range of VA benefits are available to help make your life easier. If you have any medical issue unrelated to your service (limited mobility because of aging, for example), then you may qualify for help with transportation, getting groceries, and taking care of housekeeping. To learn more, simply contact us online or call 929-367-8387.


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